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Roll For Initiative
Apr 10, 13 10:05 AM
RFIMark - Now on!
Dec 15, 10 12:46 PM
Come and Get It!
Oct 26, 08 6:35 PM

Welcome to Roll For Initiative!

Roll For Initiative is a World of Warcraft guild on Horde Uther.  It is a small guild, and yet there are those who love it.  If you're interested in joining, contact any of our members in-game for more information.

Other Guild News

TheGraphiteKnight, Apr 10, 13 10:05 AM.
Hey guys!  Our SWTOR server is up for transfer and it'd probably be a good idea if we did.  Server pop. is low and it makes it harder to find groups and friends.  It looks like no one's playing other than Denny and myself, but if anyone else happens to still be playing then let us know if you're up for a transfer so we can take the guild with us.

RFIMark - Now on!

NCPtarmigan, Dec 15, 10 12:46 PM.
That's right, RFIMark v1.0.1 is updated for Cataclysm and can be downloaded from!  It even works with the Curse addon client.

Come and Get It!

NCPtarmigan, Oct 26, 08 6:35 PM.
RFIMark v1.0 is available right here!  This is basically the same as the 0.5a release but updated to be compatible with the latest patch.

Release Note:
  • Still awesome

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